I have visited this office many times this year. And I actually am pretty excited every time I go in for an appointment. I immediately fell in love the moment I walked in and saw how cool the office looked. It’s super fresh and inviting. I have mostly seen Dr. Scheffler who’s is so friendly and has such strong positive vibes. He has done tons of work on me in such a small amount of time and really made sure to save my teeth from further more expensive work. His wife Dr. Song has done some fillings along with Dr. Scheffler and she is also great. She is warm and inviting just like her husband. What I love most about this place is that I feel comfortable. I feel welcomed. I am excited for my visit even though my teeth are getting drilled. I would recommend this place to anyone. Susie, who works the front desk, is also amazing. She is very on top of things and also is very friendly and very energetic. The entire place is filled with such positive energy because of the space and the people who make things happen. I am always excited for my next visit.
— Molly M. / Chicago

I’ve been going to Dr Scheffler and his wife Helen for over 10 years. Personally I have always dreaded getting my teeth done! Since I’ve been going to Delaware Dental I now get my teeth cleaned about every 4 months. They keep me in check and are just honest with what I truly need! Of course getting cavities filled will never be my favorite...but Dr Scheffler makes it as painless as possible. Awesome customer service! Definitely the best in the city!!!
— Rene P. / Chicago

Wow! I came in as a new patient this morning. I have been seeing the same dentist my whole life and didnt think I would find the same passion and care as my life long dentist. Since I’ve been in Chicago I’ve seen 3 other dentists. None of those other dentists cared the way Dr. Schenller did. He didn’t rip me off, he didn’t up sell me and he didn’t lie to me. Also he gave me great insight on how to best care for my teeth. They do it all there and keep it REAL! The BEST PART IS I CAN’T STOP SMILING! Can’t wait for my next appointment! If your disappointed with current dentist or have had a bad experience, I garuntee that Dr. Schenller and his whole crew will take care of you! There’s something to be said about a mom pop dentist verses any chains. The passion and care is delivered full throttle! Thank you Delaware Dental :)
— Ward W. / Chicago

This doctor is the best I ever see!! I have a lot of tooth problems since I was a teen. I always avoid to see dentist because it is always like torture. In spite of I know I have a lot of issues need to be fixed.
lately I just get some infection on my mouths cause other health issues so I have to check in with dentist. So I let few friends refer me dentist. After look up all these doctors info. I decide to go to see Doctorscheffler. Since I think is a good location. I was prepared for pain and torture for my visit. It turned out almost no pain. dr Scheffer took out all of the bad stuff in my mouth like an artist. And tell me why I have all sorts of problems and how to fix it. He did not try to sale more. I feel sorry bite his assistant’s hand when he do X Ray for me. 5 star experience. Will come back fix all of my cavities and stick with this dr.
— Jenny B. / Chicago

Have been coming to see Dr. Scheffler for years! He is so patient with me (got a serious gag reflex) and always gentle working in my mouth. He has helped me with making a mouth piece to help with my snoring problems. Appreciate how thorough he is and we discuss options. Never any pressure on services or treatment. Honestly a great practice - you can feel how they care for each and every patient.
— Genia R. / Chicago

Dr. Scheffler is not only a great dentist but an artist who is consistent, up to date, and funny! I can not tell you how much I appreciate his work but I know it shows in my smile. I have recently moved away from Chicago and Dr Scheffler will be one of the hardest people to try and replace.. I can’t help but feel a little sorry for the next dentist because he/she has a lot to live up to! Thanks Delaware Dental for your years of great dentistry and service.
— Crystal N. / Chicago

Dr. Scheffler is truly a class act who is great at his job. After seeing my now retired uncle for years, I was apprehensive and nervous on finding a new dentist. I had a bad experience with River North Dental Group where they baited me with the internal referral hoax (you need to see my colleague who is a oral surgeon). Dr. Scheffler explained to me that the prior treatment plan was not needed and that he would take care of my overlapping gum issue for FREE.

Again, if you are looking for QUALITY and HONESTY, then I advise you come here! MY wife will be booking an appointment next week. The office is very tidy and the rest of the staff is pleasant.
— Jeff A. / Chicago

The very best!!! I had a dental emergency (cracked a molar) and Dr Scheffler came in on a Saturday morning to fix my tooth. I am a physician myself and was incredibly impressed with his bedside manner and his manual skills. Furthermore, his procedure was completely painless. I have had many dentists over the years and Dr. Scheffler is by far the best. Thank you Dr. Scheffler!!!
— Brad S. / Chicago